Carburetor regeneration

Rege-Carb specializes in the regeneration of KEIHIN FCR carburetors for KTM, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles.

Carburetor repair

At Rege-Carb, we repair KEIHIN FCR carburetors for KTM, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles.


We perform professional KEIHIN carburetor adjustments.


Regeneration and repair of KEIHIN FCR carburetors

We handle regeneration of KEIHIN FCR carburetors for all motorcycle makes which use them: KTM, HONDA, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, HUSQVARNA.

Regeneration eliminates issues with undulating idle, ignition, engine overheating, throttle ringing, etc. 90% of used carburetors of this type have or are about to have these problems. The technology we have developed allows for quick and permanent elimination of the aforementioned issues.

KEIHIN FCR Carburetors

Our specialized services will get your carburetor back in working order.

Carburetor washing

The carburetor is washed in an ultrasonic cleaner, using a special compound for washing aluminum.


Basic carburetor regeneration which involves selecting and replacing the throttle rollers with wider ones.


Full regeneration of the carburetor by milling the body, selecting and replacing the throttle rollers with wider ones and with a larger diameter.

Carburetor tuning

All of the processes necessary to improve the performance and efficiency of your motorcycle's carburetor.

Pump regenerationp

Regeneration of MAGURA clutch pumps, 9.5mm diameter.

Solving unusual problems

Solving unusual technical issues requiring engineering knowledge and experience in the field of enduro and cross motorcycle mechanics.

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Is your carburetor working well?

If your answer to one of the following questions is "YES", your carburetor may need to be restored or repaired. Check the most common symptoms of carburetor failures!

Revolution fluctuation

Have you noticed the presence of the engine speed fluctuation?

Engine speed reduction

Is the engine not reducing its speed smoothly, especially in the lower range?

Disturbing noises from the carburetor

Do you hear any noises from the carburetor (such as e.g. "ringing")?

naprawa gaznika keihin

Exhaust backfiring

Is there backfiring out of the exhaust?

Engine overheating

Is the engine overheating (red exhaust manifold)?

White spark plug

Is the spark plug white?

Worth knowing!

See what our services look like?

Keihin FCR Carburetor WashingProfessional ultrasonic cleaner.

This is the basic procedure to restore the carburetor's performance. Carburetor washing is carried out in a specialized ultrasonic cleaner, utilizing appropriate compounds for washing aluminum. Once the ultrasonic cleaning process is complete, your carburetor will be spotlessly clean.

REGENERATION STAGE1 Basic carburetor restoration service.

The wider rollers rest on the body where it has not yet been worn out, thus achieving a level of tightness comparable to a new carburetor. Unfortunately, the contact surface of the rollers and the body is about 25-30%, therefore this repair is expected to last about 100 tacho hours.

Why choose Us?

REGENERATION STAGE2Extended carburetor restoration service.

The carburetor body surfaces that work together with the throttle rollers are leveled by milling. As a result, excessive throttle play is eliminated. The use of wider rollers significantly extends the carburetor's life, even up to 300-400 tacho hours.

Answers to frequently asked questions!

1. How long does the carburetor regeneration service take?

Carburetor regeneration takes 2 working days. If you send your carburetor to us on Monday (by courier) there is a very good chance that you will get it back on Friday and you will be able to enjoy your weekend burning rubber.

2. Will the carburetor need adjustment after regeneration?

After regeneration, the carburetor is restored to its factory settings, or set according to the information on modifications made to the motorcycle, such as a pass-through exhaust system. The final adjustment should be made after installing the carburetor on the motorcycle, but we can also assist in this matter.

3. Can the carburetor intended for regeneration be shipped?

Yes, carburetors most often reach us by post or courier.

4. How much does it cost to regenerate a MAGURA clutch pump (9.5mm diameter)?

The cost of pump regeneration is PLN 200.

5. Is shipping abroad possible?

Yes, we provide services throughout the entire European Union.

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Service Price List

See what we offer as part of a selected service

Keihin FCR
Carburetor washing

  • Carburetor washing
    in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • (carburetor disassembly,
    washing, reassembly)


  • Installation of wider rollers made from heat-resistant
    and friction resistant plastic
  • Carburetor washing
    in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • * This solution ensures
    the motorcycle's trouble-free
    operation for about 100 TH
  • P.S. the manufacturer recommends replacing
    the carburetor after 200 TH


The most often chosen
  • Repair of the carburetor
    body worn out
    by the throttle rollers;
    alignment by milling.
  • Installation of wider rollers
    with a larger diameter,
    made of temperature- and wall
    abrasion-resistant plastic.
  • Carburetor washing
    in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • * This solution ensures trouble-free
    operation of the motorcycle
    for about 300 TH, a longer service life
    than in a brand new carburetor.
  • P.S. With each service,
    we provide assistance in adjusting the carburetor
    for the specific motorcycle.

Carburetor tuning

PLN od 200/unit
  • Reaming up to a maximum
    diameter of 43mm
  • O-ring mode - eliminating
    of the engine choking (flooding)
    effect with sudden throttle opening

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Thank you, I am very pleased with the equipment, as well as with the professional customer service I have received. Recommended with no reservations. Keep up the good work!!!!

Piotr London

After regeneration, all of the issues disappeared, the carburetor responds to the mixture adjustment, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Dawid Katowice

A professional approach to the job supported by professional knowledge.

Konrad Lublin

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